Edward Zifran of Gendy

In my dotage, I found the years not kind.
For I was alone. With no lady wife.
So I set out at Pennsic War to find
A Lady with whom I could share my life.

I sought a lady of wisdom and grace,
Who knew the ways of our Society.
A young lady rushed towards me quite apace
She stopped and courtsied. Her arms engulfed me.

"I know who you are", she purred "hold me tight".
I was ready to write my love on a page.
Her next words spoken though caused me such fright,
I hung my head, sadly, and felt my age.

The question posed, which has caused this shame?
She asked - "So Like, is Viscount your "first" name?".

by Edward Zifran of Gendy
© - 2002 - by E.F.Morrill