Edward Zifran of Gendy

Special Note:
September, AS 37.
This song was written a long time ago. I have not personally performed in at least 12 years, for a variety of reasons. However, I have heard it performed many times by others. Everyone (and it is my fault for not correcting people, as some do not even know I wrote it), performs this as if it was a "dirge" or some long-drawn out, heart wrenching, horrid ballad of lost love and failed pursuit. ANd to you who have kept this song alive in one form or another, for whatever reason, I thank you.


This song was never meant to be a dirge. It was never sing-song melodic. It was meant to be driving and with force. It was "meant" to be uplifting in the sense that sometimes the right thing is to let go....

SO I guess I'll just have to start performing it myself again.. :-)

That being said, The "tune" as meant should be here within the next month, along with other songs that I have done and am workring on. Just for timing's sake, understand that it is in four-four time and each 4 beats should take 2 seconds... That's the "SLOWEST" it should be. (Except for the final chorus, that builds to the regular speed.


4/4 time - (Driving and with force) Intro and Chorus

The Champion he is Brave - and the Champion he is Bold.
He fights for the lady's honor and never for the gold.
He ask's not the lady for her hand, for he could not be so bold.
As, that's not the way of the Champion or so I have been told.

Verse 1

The Champion fights for the Lady, that is his only way.
He asks not for the lady's love, just that he smile his way.
But deep inside his lonely heart,he prays on day by day.
That the lady loves him as he loves she and bids the Champion stay.


Verse 2

But the Champion knows as he turns to grey, there'll be a younger man,
who will enter in the Lady's life, and ask her for her hand.
SHe'll ask the Champion "My friend, would you mind if I wed this Man?"
He'll avert his eyes say, "Your Happiness, is all I can demand."


Verse 2

Now the Champion stands off to the side, He never says a word.
And though he loves the Lady so, his heart is never heard.
The Champion resigns himself, to a love which he can't be cured.
AS the Lady takes herself a Lord, the Champions' eyes are Blurred.


But the Champion, he is brave...
ANd the Champion, he is Bold...
He fights for the lady's honor
and never for the gold.
He asks not the lady for her hand,
for he could not be so bold.
ANd that's not the way of the Champion,
or - so - I - have - been - told..

"The Champion" by Edward Zifran of Gendy
© - 1979 by E.F. Morrill