Edward Zifran of Gendy

This is the "short-straight" version.
THere is a longer "performance" version available, that includes little extra comments and actions. Should you want to see it, please Email the author.


Sing the songs of-the Kingdoms, of the SCA,
And though I poke a little fun, I just want to say.
If not for the songs of Heroes, and of ladies pure and fair,
The SCA would be a bore, and I could not live there.

Verse 1

The old West Kingdom has their songs,they make a lady swoon.
But they all have 40 verses and they don't end too soon.
And Caid's bards always sound, as if they're in a fog...
But they can't read their sheet music.....They can't see through the smog..

The An Tir Lion's always drunk, he makes his people "Hark"
"WE STAND TOGETHER", it's a registered tradmark!
And Calontir has real neat songs, they are very complex.
Of blood and war and death and gore...... But they don't get no sex...


Verse 2

Baldwin of Atenveldt, well he gave us all "The Dream"
If I have to hear that song again... Ijust might scream
Aethelmearc together sang, so-united they would be...
But It's really hard to march with them...... their songs are all in three...

The Middle Minstrels, with song their dragon, they regale
They sing about the dragons' parts, except the piece of tail.
THe Triskele Trimarians, they barlely sing a peep
They're all too busy whining......I wanna go to Southkeep ...
[vamp till ready][SPoken] That's Miami... Old Joke....


Verse 3

Meridies and Atlantia, their songs ring through the Hall
They're very odd, I must say... they all begin "y'all".
Lochac has the strangest songs, that you have ever heard
With their accents and their billybongs....I-can't make out a word...

Outlands and Artemesia, their songs are most heartfelt
Though they seem-to-be-about how much they hate Atenveldt
The Ansteoran Anthem grabs-you-in the solar-plexus
Of course it really sound a lot.......Like the Yellow Rose of Texas


Verse 4

Drachenwald is very large and their lands are so diverse.
I could not think of anything, to put into their verse
The wolf-cubs Parents of Ealdormere, their songs they do entrench
But since they are Canadians... [spoken]-By Law-
[sung] Half must be in French

Verse 5 (Ritard)

I'm a hack, I know it - As a bard, I rate the least......
(A Tempo)
Oh wait, I have forgotten, my own [THe Old] Kingdom of the East!
Our [THeir] manners, days misunderstood, dey cause youse lips ta pucker
For any song about the East....."You" think will end in Fa.....gedaboutit..

Chorus....{Rousing ending, ritarded at the end, like all these types of songs end in....}

Sing the songs of the Kingdoms, Of the SCA...
ANd though I poke a little fun, I just want to say......
Wi-thout the songs of He-roes..... and La..dies.. pure-and-fair....
The S-C-A would.. be.. a.. bore..........

Songs of the Kingdoms
by Edward Zifran of Gendy
© - 2002 by E.F. Morrill