Edward Zifran of Gendy

A knight growing old and full of scars from battle
Awaits on the edge of the tournament field
He stands all alone and no-one sees his sorrow,
For he has no-one to be Champion to.

Now come many knights and many Lords and Ladies
for today is a battle on this field.
And when it is time, the Knights shall cross the barrior
ANd ask the Ladies for their own favors.

The choosing is done, our knight, he stands alone.
He looks 'cross the field, with hope in his heart.
He hopes to find one , who will not turn away.
ANd bless this poor knight, with her own favor.

And there she does sit, a creature filled with beauty.
Her maids all are sad, though she bravely smiles.
For in front of her, there is no knightly shield
To show that some-one does Champion her.

Our knight takes deep though and he musters all his courage
He strides 'cross the field with his head held high.
He kneels at her feet, and offers up his swordhilt.
He prays to his God, that the lady will smile.

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THe sword slightly moves, as he feels a gentle pressure.
He sees on his Blade, ribbons cascade down.
His eyes, now look up and see her eyes aglowing.
She smiles and he knows that he will be strong.

A knight bravely fights for the honor of a Lady.
The one who inspires him to do great deeds
So that is the story, of the knight and of the Lady.
And that is the way things are meant

The Knight and the Lady
by Edward ZIfran of Gendy
© - 1979 - by E.F.Morrill